Strategy + Design + Construction
Urban and territorial development has become a complex enterprise where strategic and technical aspects intermingled from the very beginning of the Project. With the idea of managing this new professional and cultural condition, LPA has set out three professional divisions: LPA Strategy, LPA Design and LPA Construction. The combination of these three divisions enables LPA to envision the whole process of development...
LPA Strategy
Development + Planning

LPA Strategy provides consultancy in urban, landscape and territorial development, in the initial phase, before the design work. Provide the vision and strategy that will make the project successful. This division operates under the principles of sustainable development and develops strategies that involve the social, environmental and economic / market dimensions of the project. The production of a development strategy is highly transdisciplinary. For this reason, LPA Strategy has partnered.

LPA Design
Urbanism + Landscape

LPA Design provides comprehensive spatial planning and design services in the field of urban planning and landscape. This division is equipped with a robust design methodology based on the principles of biodesign and ecosystem thinking, which is optimized for regions with hot and warm climates. As a result, each project is designed for its integration within a natural and living dynamic, through the search for optimal forms and organizations that promote well-being, improvement of the environment and social innovation ...

LPA Construction
Supervision + Management
LPA Construction provides full services in execution and construction management for urban and landscape projects. This division engages a team of architects and civil engineers that work with a broad range of collaborators and experts. The operations of this division are based on the intensive use of parametric and BIM (Building Information Modeling) software. These technologies enable the pre-building of a 5D (3D + cost + time) digital model of the project, which integrates physical information...