Bio-urbanism for the sunny side of the planet
Lab for Planning and Architecture (LPA) is a leading planning and design firm, focusing on the sustainable and organic development of southern regions and territories—the so-called subtropics that feature semi-arid and Mediterranean environmental regimes. LPA has a deep commitment to the specific (economic, social and environmental) potentialities of the subtropics, which are deployed in line with the principles and protocols of the philosophy of eco-design thinking...
We integrate strategy, design and construction action
We at LPA understand urban design and planning as the spatial and territorial codification of a previously defined strategy. Our vision is that this strategy should be defined within the inclusive framework of sustainable development, and must set the vision and actions for a desired and feasible future. This strategy should be defined at the level of economic, environmental and social dimensions...
We think and design implementing the principles of living systems
LPA is an urban and landscape development firm practicing strategic planning, urban design, landscape architecture and infrastructure design. What distinguishes LPA is that it operates under the principles and methodologies of an emerging disciplinary trend called bio-urbanism. This alternative mode of practice understands reality and the territory as a complex and living organism in a continuous exchange of materials, energy, and information with its surroundings...
We are experts in subtropical life and its dynamics
LPA has focused its professional action in a particular bio-regional condition: the subtropical south, and its singular natural and cultural conditions. This geography of cities and territories are linked by a common climate regime: the subtropics. In contrast with other interpretations of the term regionalism, we support the idea of a “grand regionalism of regions classified by climates,” as the architect and urbanist Josep Lluís Sert claimed...
We are equipped with cutting-edge computational technologies
Urban landscapes have become a complex matrix of information and relationships. As a result, reality cannot be addressed (and designed) as a fixed entity, but as a living organism in continuous evolution by feedback processes. This new complex and dynamic condition has forced planning and design practices to modelling systems and patterns, rather than fixed entities. In this new scenario, the mediation of digital (intelligent) technologies has become a critical issue...
We all share a vision and enjoy transdisciplinary work
LPA is a group of professionals who share a common vision and team-work methodology. We do believe that as we better internally organize ourselves, we will have the best conditions in order to provide creative solutions to our client’s challenges and goals. This firm-like organization warrants the combination of both creativity and accountability...