Nueva Noruega Eco-Resort

This housing complex of sixteen touristic villas is organized by a combination of two types of “living-bars”: one housing unit contains a kitchen, a living room and a balcony and the other one accommodates two extra bedrooms and bathroom. Each apartment is the result of the aggregation of two o more bars placed at different levels that are completed by an “eco-box”, that articulates the vertical connexions between the bars, making possible a permanent natural ventilation and illumination of the whole unit, even when the owner is on the leave. The open space around  the housing complex, accommodates two types of landscapes and a natural (chemical-free) swimming pool.

Monte León Villas

The project consists in developing twenty-six villas in a plot with picturesque views of the ocean and the surrounding mountains. The area presents a problematic slope of about 30% and a stone substratum that makes excavation very difficult. The design strategy draws inspirations from the valleys of the nearby island of La Gomera where traditional villas are placed on platforms built on the slopes of the valleys, resulting in a very charming and landscape integrated image. The design goes a step forward and places part of the domestic program inside the platforms. This strategy gives the illusion of a very low housing density when in fact it almost doubles the traditional one. The project incorporates bioclimatic solutions and sustainability indicators that include, among other things, green roofs, permeable pavement solutions, recycling strategies, a car club, and off-grid solutions.

Canarias 7 Headquarters

The project consists of the renewal of an existing industrial building to incorpo- rate new working spaces and cultural areas. The design strategy includes three actions. The first consists of opening a patio to improve natural lighting and ventilation. The patio also articulates the access of different users: journal- ists, daily visitors, staff and people attending cultural events. The second action consists of organizing the functional program into two kinds of spaces: generic space for more standard uses; and singular spaces or “containers” for the specific functions. The third includes a whole set of bioclimatic solutions that include a south-facing double facade that works as “sun glasses” and helps to intensify the cross-ventilation of the whole building through the patio.