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Cicer Plaza

Ordenación del Frente Marítimo y Parcela de la Cicer

Las Palmas de G.C (Gran Canaria)


Las Palmas Municipality


4.500 m²

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International Ideas Competition: 3rd Prize

Press (Published): PEx. Proyectos Experimentales. ULPGC. Las Palmas de G.C. (2009)

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An equipped plaza as informal as the beach, and a beach as comfortable as a plaza

The code “Urban Beach” with which this project is launched, not only codiies but also explains the project’s strategy. The proposed public plaza combines the lexibility of beach spaces along with the comfort levels of urban plazas.

The design consists of an undulating topography that connects the beach with the surrounding streets, located at an upper level. The resulting space integrates pedestrian, urban and beach spaces in a coherent manner. Two indoor boulevards run underground and provide access to other amenities such as a wellness center, beach facilities and a sailing school. The claim “Under the pavers, the beach” perfectly expresses the aspirations of freedom and fun of an entire generation. Our proposal aims to rescue the informality of that beach without sacriicing the comfort of the pavers.

Download PDF (english)

Download PDF (spanish)

Canary Islands
Ing. José Bosch y Sintes, 6, 1º.
35003 Las Palmas GC, Spain
Orense, 85
28002 Madrid, Spain
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