Parking area at shopping quarter

The car park occupies the backyard of a traditional house in ruins located in the Commercial Area in the centre of Valleseco, one of the most humid municipalities of Gran Canaria. The plot corresponds to the back garden of a traditional house in ruins, where some fruit trees have been preserved. The aim of the project is to create a parking area for cars and bicycles. The functional programme also includes accessible public toilets and a control area that makes use of the available space in the renovated house.

The intervention strategy consists of a flexible-use platform that functions as a parking area during the week and as a street market on weekends. The design consists of incorporating a zigzag perimeter garden ring that resolves the encounter with the party walls and forms the parking spaces. The zigzag shape is ideal both for parking cars and for housing the market kiosks.
The road and pedestrian routes share the same platform, which is made of cobblestones with an open joint for cars and a closed joint for pedestrians.

The “green pores” of the paving are part of a sustainable drainage system that captures, filters and stores rainwater, which is used to irrigate the gardens. The perimeter wall made of wooden sleepers includes bollards, bike racks and electrical connection points. The project components are completed with an autoclave-treated pinewood pergola with a geometry that is both continuous and broken, combining areas equipped with solar panels with areas colonised by climbing plants. The project is committed to the dominant use of materials with a low carbon footprint such as wood and stone.