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We are experts in regenerative design optimised for the sunny side of the planet

LPA Studio has concentrated its field of action in the so-called global south, especially in the two subtropics and their Mediterranean and tropical peripheries. These two bands concentrate an average temperature of 20ºC with lifestyles linked to the outdoors and well-being that are increasingly in demand, but also significant challenges such as rising temperatures, the decarbonisation of their economies and the loss of cultural and natural identity, among others. Responding to these challenges and unlocking the potential of these “geographies of good weather” is LPA Studio’s speciality.

Canary Islands
Ing. José Bosch y Sintes, 6, 1º.
35003 Las Palmas GC, Spain
Orense, 85
28002 Madrid, Spain
LPA is a BREEAM ES certified company
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